MCL is a cross-cutting project working to improve the delivery of maternal health services using technology by collaboratively making eHealth tools more reusable, evidence-based, and effective.

MCL is a direct response to dramatically growing interest and resources surrounding eHealth and maternal health in advance of the 2015 deadline for MDGs 4 and 5. There's a short list of platforms being used or considered by most projects in this space (e.g. OpenMRS, JavaRosa, DHIS, etc.) and significant overlap in requirements providing a unique opportunity to unify efforts. Reduced duplication means more expertise and resources spent on improving outcomes and innovation rather than reinventing the wheel.

Our approach is to prioritize high-value goals that the community is unlikely to achieve on its own. We've broken these efforts up into 3 categories:

1. Establish the MCL:Core, a common language to communicate maternal health information
2. Build out the MCL:Platform to make the dictionary easy to use, low-cost to adopt, and transparent. Components of the platform include MCL:Search, MCL:Mapper, MCL:Repository, and MCL:Lab.
3. Populate the MCL:Repository with MCL-enabled reports, protocols, forms, and other tools that are ready for use by other oganizations.

We are always looking for help and ideas. See Getting Involved for more info.

Participating Organizations