Project Page: MCL:Search Project Page
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Team Lead: Jonathan Payne
Search Help: Search Help
Status: Public Beta, Still under development

MCL:Search enables users to flexibly search, organize, and view groups of concepts that are defined using the OpenMRS data model. MCL:Search is a foundational piece of the MCL:Repository and MCL:Mapper tools. Visit the MCL:Search Project Page for more details.


Project Page: MCL:Core Project Page
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MCL:Core Groupings: Core Concept Groupings
Status: Under development...and recruiting help!
Links: OpenMRS Data Model
OpenMRS Classes & Datatypes

The MCL:Core is a subset of the CIEL concept dictionary carved out specifically for the information needs of maternal health programs. The core incorporates data elements all the way up to outcome indicators, with structured relationships, meta-data, and mappings to international standards for medical terminology (e.g. SNOMED, ICD, etc.).


Project Page: Search
Status: In design

The MCL:Repository is a public collection of MCL-enabled forms, protocols, reports, and other tools. These are all released under an open-source license and are free to use and learn from in your own projects.


Project Page: Mapper
Status: In design

The MCL:Mapper will walk you through finding the right concepts for your tools, or mapping an existing tool to the MCL/MVP dictionary. Visit the MCL:Mapper Project Page to contribute to the design.